Accompaniment and Hope — An Olive Branch Workshop

Stress, anger, sadness, shock, loneliness and confusion these are some of the feelings people experience when they go through separation and divorce. The process turns your whole world upside down. During this experience you may find yourself asking, where is God? What do I do next? Who else has had this experience?

The Church invites us to accompany individuals as they navigate the difficult choices involved in separation and divorce, we are asked to do so without judgement or prejudice, and we are called to be a sign of healing and hope. That’s what this workshop is about. The Accompaniment and Hope Workshop will…

  • offer you hope through the lived experience of someone who has gone through the process of separation and divorce
  • help you gain perspective on the challenges experienced by couples in crisis
  • reflect on Christ as one who journeys with individuals who experience a marital crisis
  • find information about services that are available to individuals going through a marital crisis

We look forward to sharing this evening with you and we anticipate learning from your experiences. Please join our next workshop.


Paula Fortier with Madeline & Peter Oliver.

7:00 – 9:00 pm


Holy Spirit Parish
114 Kingsmere Place
Saskatoon, SK

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