Accompaniment and Hope — A Workshop

When a family is experiencing a marital crisis one of their most important needs is support. People of faith who are deeply committed to walking with their loved ones often provide this support by acting as a sounding board, a rock of faith and aid in finding services that help a couple make healthy choices. Defensive and positional responses block us from listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit. The Accompaniment and Hope Workshop will help you to:

  • gain perspective on the challenges experienced by couples in crisis
  • reflect on Christ as one who journeys with couples who experience a marital crisis
  • find information about services that are available to couples going through a marital crisis


Central to this workshop is the reality of discernment. 

Many marriages that are in crisis can find their way toward health and reconciliation and our faith can help make this possible. In some cases, separation is a step toward wholeness. In others, civil divorce is a necessary means toward healing the reality of a destructive marital relationship. In all cases, our faith invites us to accompany couples as they navigate these difficult choices, to do so without judgement or prejudice and to be a sign of healing and hope. 

We look forward to sharing insights and we anticipate learning from your experiences.  Please join our next workshop.

7:00 – 8:30 pm


St. Philip Neri Parish
1902 Munroe Avenue South
Saskatoon, SK

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