Discernment Mediation assists couples who are experiencing a crisis in their marriage. Mediation is not
a form of counseling. A mediator is a neutral third party who can help you talk about the issues that are
causing conflict in your marriage.

Discernment Mediation is focused on helping you to talk and make decisions that lead to a healthy life.  We rejoice when this leads to the restoration of a happy marriage but we acknowledge that separation and divorce are sometimes necessary steps toward health. 

These are issues where Discernment Mediation can be of assistance.

1. You are having difficulty talking with your spouse about the crisis in your marriage.
2. You are having difficulty identifying the issues that are causing conflict in your marriage.
3. You want to address issues of addiction, abuse, or infidelity.
4. You want to address issues related to mental health.
5. You are considering separation and divorce.
6. You want to address concerns about alienation or disinterest.

What is involved?

Discernment Mediation is a process. The process usually begins with a phone conversation with the
mediator. This conversation can help you to decide if Discernment Mediation will help you.

Following this contact, each person meets individually with the mediator to talk about the concern from
their point of view. You and your partner can then decide if you want to go forward with the mediation

If you decide to continue with the process, a joint session will be scheduled. Joint sessions are typically
2 hours long. As a rule, two to three joint sessions are required to come to some resolution over a
disputed issue.

Mediation is a voluntary process that can be terminated by either the marital partner or the mediator at any
time and for any reason.

A word on discernment

For many people, marriage is a sacred commitment. Prayer and spiritual direction can be invaluable
support when you are trying to make difficult decisions. We are in touch with several pastoral ministers
who can offer you this support.

Your well-being and the well-being of your family are vitally important. I will be glad to respond to your

Contact information: Peter Oliver (Mediator): 306-260-6213


An Olive Branch Workshop on property division:

Couples make tough decisions during separation and divorce concerning money and property.  Handling these concerns well can help their families become stable and healthy.