The Shepherd’s Voice

Oh, little heart,
have you not heard,
the Singer, the Song, the center of all that is,
telling the pastures green,
stilling the waters by?
Comes He within the scraggy mist,
words suring and easing
thy shattered and shaken frame.
Give ear now,
comfort, oh comfort,
the table set –
fear not the enemy,
at your door.
Abides He with rod, graced,
and gathering staff.
Receive rest, warmth, solace,
calm, company, quiet –
good cheer.
Surely within your soul
you know, He knows your name,
and you, with attending care,
know as well,
the Shepherd’s voice,
His mercy and His reign. 
Peter Oliver
Photo Attribution: Michael Gaida
Readings Fourth Sunday of Easter